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Robotic Case Palletizer


Robotic Case Palletizer

The Sentry Robotic Case Palletizer is designed to orient, arrange and place layers of finished goods (trays, shells, packs or cases) onto a pre-staged pallet for transportation to the end user. Cases enter the Case Orienting Zone in single file. The meter belt discharges the cases/trays onto an Orienting Zone. As cases enter the orienting zone they are located and tracked by a high-speed robotic arm. The Vacuum Style End-of-Arm-Tool (EOAT) on the arms captures the case as it is moving forward, rotates it and/or moves it left or right as required to form the layer pattern. The case continues to advance forward through the orienting zone to the Layer Forming Zone where a layer of cases can be accumulated.

The Layer Forming / Staging Zone accepts cases and positions them with a pneumatically-operated pop-up case stop. The cases are positioned in the zone by a pneumatically-operated pop-up case stop, which holds the cases until a completed layer has been accumulated. The high-speed, overhead mounted sweep transfers the layer from the pre-sweep accumulation area to the split drawplates. The drawplates open allowing the layer to rest on the empty pallet or previously deposited layer below. 


High-Speed FANUC Robotic Arm
Vacuum Style End-of-Arm Tool
Mat Top Conveyor
High Speed, Servo Controlled Sweep
Heavy Duty Hoist
Fork Style Pallet Dispenser
Discharge Pallet Conveyor
NEMA 12 Control Panel
Allen-Bradley HMI


Tier Sheet Inserter
Custom Platform
Additional Patterns
Additional Infeed and/or Discharge Pallet Conveyor

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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