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Inline Case Palletizer


Conventional Case Palletizer

The Sentry Case Palletizer is designed to orient, arrange, and place layers of finished goods (trays, shells, packs, or cases) onto a pre-staged pallet for transportation to the end user. A variety of models are available to choose from to accommodate the line speed and layout requirements.

A high-speed case switch assigns the path while pneumatically actuated diverters influence the product to the proper orientation. A staging zone allows the cases to assemble until a full layer is present. The interlocking pattern is then swept forward to the drawplate area and gently lowered to the pallet.

A four-point pneumatic layer squaring system ensures that each layer is perfectly aligned as the heavy duty vector-controlled hoist, lowers the load to the full pallet discharge conveyor. Each machine includes a high capacity pallet magazine with automated dispenser as well as an operator touchscreen interface.


High-Speed Case Switch
Layer Squaring System
High-Capacity Pallet Magazine
Automated Dispenser
Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus color touchscreen
Heavy Duty Construction
Onboard NEMA 12 Electrical Control Panel
Wireless Modem for Remote Access
Servo Controlled Heavy Duty Hoist


Tier Sheet Inserter
Custom Platform
Automatic Change Over for Second Pallet Size
Additional Patterns
Additional Infeed & Discharge Pallet Conveyors

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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