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Hybrid Case Palletizer


Hybrid Case Palletizer

The Sentry Hybrid Case Palletizer is designed to orient, arrange
and place layers of finished goods (trays, shells, packs or cases)
onto a pre-staged pallet for transportation to the end user. Hybrid technology is a combination of conventional and robotic handling practices. A case routing zone replaces need for a case switch and pneumatic case diverters. A multi-axis SCARA servo positioner (one or two depending on the line speed), automatically tracks, turns, and redirects the product to its intended lane.

Contrary to mainstream robotics, the Sentry Hybrid arms utilize open source Rexroth programming. In addition to being very flexible for future product considerations and change-over, the use of the SCARA style positioning provides gentle handling on sensitive packages and extremely accurate placement of the product.

Quick change End-Of-Arm Tooling is custom-made and included for each of the intended package sizes.

The case routing zone is equipped with barrier guarding (wire mesh fencing) and interlocks for operator safety. Options include operator platform, additional product tooling, and automatic tier sheet placement.


Case Routing Zone
High Speed Sweep
NEMA 12 Control Panel
2 SCARA Robotic Arms
Quick change End Of Arm Tooling
Heavy Duty Hoist
Fork Style Pallet Dispenser
Discharge Pallet Conveyor
Allen-Bradley HMI


Operator Platform
Additional Product Tooling
Automatic Tier Sheet Inserter
Palletizer Infeed Grouper
High Speed Tier Sheet Upstacker
Additional Patterns

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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