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Shell Denester


Shell Denester

The Sentry Automatic Shell Denester is designed to receive and separate columns of stacked plastic returnable soft drink trays onto the shell washer or packer delivery conveyor. Pallet loads of the plastic "shells" are loaded onto the system, which will then automatically sequence onto the pallet lift. The system's operator will remove stacks of shells from the pallet and place them onto the Denester Infeed Conveyor. A static slide plate is provided to aid in this transfer.

As stacks of shells are removed from the pallet, the operator will raise the pallet to a comfortable working height. The Denester Infeed Conveyor advances the stacks of shells and a pneumatically-actuated pusher indexes each column into the metering chute. The Denester metering chute is equipped with a compression stop and electrically-driven belts to separate and feed the shells onto the discharge conveyor.

This system is available with varying degrees of automation depending on the available floor space and budget.


Full Pallet Conveyor

Automatic Empty Pallet Stacker

Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus color Touchscreen

Static Slide Plate

Metering Chute

Pre-Wired Control Panel with CompactLogix Programmable Controller


Operator Platform

Stainless Steel Upgrade

Conveyor Variable Frequency Drives

Shell Auto-Adjust

Pallet Stacker Auto-Adjust

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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