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Racetrack Rinser


Racetrack Rinser

Sentry Equipment & Erectors, Inc. carries a complete line of side grip style empty container rinsers. The low level "race-track" style rinser is ideal for floor level depalletizer systems due to the fact that it keeps the flow of the product at the same elevation. Sentry rinsers can be equipped with either a water rinse manifold, or a choice of multiple de-ionized air rinse options. 

A powered starwheel metering unit and vertically adjustable interface conveyor is included for PET bottle systems that use air conveyor. All Sentry Side Grip Rinsers are standard with stainless steel construction, pre-wire of all electrical devices, vertical manifold adjustment, and operator-friendly lateral adjustment for multiple product sizes.


Automatic Gripper Chain Take-Up Units with Pneumatic Cylinders
Stainless Steel Construction
Pre-Wire of all Electrical Devices
Vertical Manifold Adjustment
Operator Friendly Lateral Adjustment for Multiple Product Sizes


Water Rinse Manifold or choice of Multiple De-Ionized Air Rinse Options
Category 3 Safety Upgrades

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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