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Pallet Conveyor


Pallet Conveyor

When it comes to performance, strength, and durability, Sentry pallet conveyor stands alone. Generally speaking, the loading and unloading of pallets in and out of the production process can be very taxing on the longevity of conveyor. Accordingly, the Sentry brand of pallet conveyor features our familiar robust construction that weathers the daily routine in a warehouse environment.

However, frame construction is not enough. Pallet style conveyors must also be able to provide gentle, reliable handling of the pallet and its cargo. From roller-chain to close center chain-drive-live-roller, Sentry offers a wide range of styles and options designed to provide smooth transportation for empty plastic or wooden pallets as well as heavy-load full pallets with wrapped and unwrapped loads.

Standard options include pop-up transfers, rotating-style transfers, pallet stackers, and dispensers. Heavy-duty guarding for sensors are provided as standard equipment.

Chain Driven Live Roller Pallet Conveyor

6" X 7 Gauge Formed Sideframes
Formed 7 Gauge Drive Trough
Bolt-on Removal Top with Oil Holes for Oiling Chain Loops

Roller Chain Pallet Conveyor

Oil Filled Nylon Carry Track
Flange Mounted Sealed Bearings
#80 or #60 Roller Chain

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry conveyor


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