Pack Conveyor 

What is Pack Conveyor? And is it really so different than Mat Top? Well, in may ways it is indeed the same. However, the devil is always in the details. Pack conveyors, unlike Table Top or Mat Top-style conveyors, are specifically designed for hard-to-handle packages.

Multi-packs such as film bundles, decorated cartons, and banded six-packs are generally considered to be secondary packages--meaning only that they are not the finished product. These smaller collations, marketed more towards the individual rather than a family or group, are by their very nature compact. Therefore, transportation to the merchant can be a challenge. The solution is to assemble the secondary units into larger host cases such as trays, boxes, or shells to complete the finished goods and create a more stable load for the palletizing process.

While handling techniques such as the use of close coupled transfers, dynamic guide rails, and low-back pressure chains are all vital to the success of pack-style conveyors, our design experience and control philosophies are what make all of the difference. 


Standard Options

Maximizes productivity

Diversity in speed and packages

Maximizes efficiency

Proven control strategies to provide one of the more versatile case conveying solutions on the market.

Maximizes product versatility

Customized solutions


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