& lowerators

Elevators and Lowerators

Sentry's Side Grip Elevators and Lowerators maintain continuous flow on the production line by providing vertical transportation for all types of containers. A variety of gripper profiles are available to choose from to guarantee secure but gentle handling of the product. High temperature and/or ozone rated materials can be supplied as required.

The auto-pneumatic, idle-end, take-up assembly includes a pre-mounted sensor to monitor chain stretch and prevent damage during start-up. Each gripper chain can be individually driven, or mechanically linked and powered by a single drive motor depending on the customer's preference. Higher speed units can be equipped with wheel-assisted curves to reduce the wear on the chain and corner tracks.


Standard Options

A programmable central lubrication system is included

Maximizes wear-strip & chain life

Minimizes change-over time

A repeatable hand-wheel style adjustment between container diameters

Reduces the wear on chain

& corner tracks

Higher speed units can be equipped with wheel assisted curves


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