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Low Level Bulk Depalletizer


Low Level Bulk Depalletizer

The Sentry Bulk Depalletizer is designed to receive bulk loads of empty glass, PET, or aluminum containers on wooden or plastic pallets, and transfer each layer (one at a time) onto an accumulating take-away conveyor for transportation to the production area.


Nema 12 rated control enclosures house the primary electrical components. The panels contain the main disconnect, all of the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 40 Series variable frequency drives, and an Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 700S Series variable frequency drive with built-in Drive-Logix processor for controlling the hoist lift.

The climate controlled cabinet also contains an Allen-Bradley CompactLogix I/O rack and all the low voltage hardware. All Sentry Depalletizers are provided pre-wired and include a self-contained controls package with customized operator touchscreen interface. Operator training is provided during the commissioning phase of the project. 


Prewired NEMA 12 Control Panel
2,000lb Capacity Tower Hoist
Mat Top Accumulation Bed
Heavy Duty Pallet conveyor
Tier Sheet and Top Frame Hopper - Automatic Pick and Place System
Self-Contained Automatic Empty Pallet Stacker


Additional Pallet Infeed Zones
Plastic Band Chipper
Processor Upgrading


Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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