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Case Conveyor


Case Conveyor

The Sentry line of case conveyor is among the most diverse of all the products that we offer. Years ago, when fillers were slower and packages were "one-size-fits-all", case conveyor was simply a commodity. These days, with filler rates into the thousands of containers per minute and packages that are lighter weight and smaller than ever before, case conveyor has become a critical component to the packaging process. 

Whether you are looking for the more traditional "live-roller" style conveyor, or a more complex zero pressure mat-top type of conveyor, Sentry has a design suited for the task. The Sentry "built-to-perform/built-to-last" standard of construction is especially important in the world of case conveyor. Bulky, big bottle shells and large-count cases can be particularly hard on conveyor. Equally, wide-way leading products like 6x2x1 packages can be a nightmare if handled improperly. Sentry combines decades of solid engineering practices with the finesse of proven control strategies to provide one of the more versatile case conveying solutions on the market. Options include painted mild steel or polished stainless steel construction, automatic side guides, and catch pans. 


Heavy Duty Construction

Versatile Solutions

Proven Control Strategies

Diverse Styles


Mild Steel or Polished Stainless Steel Construction

Automatic Side Guides

Catch Pans

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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