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Bulk Palletizer


Bulk Palletizer

The Sentry Bulk Palletizer is engineered and built to group and place layers of empty containers onto a pallet for shipment to various production facilities. High and low level models are offered to accommodate our customer's specific preference, floor space, and budget.


The Sentry Bulk Palletizer can be built to handle round or non-round containers. Each layer is built with automatic load squaring and dunnage placement. Depending on the layer requirements, wide way and narrow way leading arrangements are available.

As required, product laners and/or row sweepers are included as part of the container delivery system. A quick-change layer sweep rake assembly allows for ease of conversion from product to product during change-over.


Automatic Dunnage Placement
Automatic Load Squaring
Heavy Duty Construction
Automatic Empty Pallet Dispenser
Two Onboard Prewired NEMA 12 Control Panels
Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus color touchscreen
Heavy Duty Hoist
MatTop Accumulation Bed


Wide Way or Narrow Way Leading Arrangements
Custom Platform
Full Pallet Strapper Conveyor
Programmable Controller Upgrade
Conveyor Variable Frequency Drives

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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