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Air Conveyor


Neck-Guided Air Conveyor

The Sentry Single-Plenum Neck-Guided Air Conveyor System is designed to transport empty plastic bottles (normally considered to be unstable) in single file suspended by the neck ring on an oil impregnated wearstrip. High efficiency blowers pressurize the plenum and a custom sanitary louver design directs air flow toward the neck finish in the direction of travel to propel the product forward.

Bottles are guided with either stationary or multi-position pneumatically-actuated neck and body guides. Some bottles may require an additional stationary or pneumatically actuated shoulder guide to improve flow.

Plenum dividers are utilized to create multiple air flow control zones. These zones utilize pre-mounted sensors and custom programming to regulate back pressure and speed. Each zone contains a magnahelix gauge to visually monitor zone pressures.

Vertically adjustable hand-wheel actuated transitions are used to change between bottle sizes when interfacing with base-registered conveyors. 


14 Gauge Single Plenum Neck Blow Construction
14 Gauge Stainless Steel Deck Construction
11 Gauge Stainless Steel Neck Guides
Vertically Adjustable Hand-Wheel Actuated Transitions


Pneumatically Actuated Multi-Position Body Guides

Pneumatically Actuated Multi-Position Neck Guides

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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