roller belts

Activated Roller Belts

Activated Roller Belt (ARB) technology has exploded into the marketplace. Although roller-embedded chains have been around for many years, the new and ever expanding creativity in how it is applied has spawned a whole new way of thinking when it comes to case and pack handling. Activated Roller Belts, combined with a Sentry controls package, give the end user the ability to make complex maneuvers in very small footprints.

Sentry is a licensed OEM for the Activated Roller Belt solution. This is a proven and innovative method of sorting, merging, rejecting, and even rotating packages with positive rail justification. Pneumatically actuated skid plates, located under the carry-way of the chain, form "activation zones". When energized, these zones influence, manipulate, and direct the flow of the product with ease and precision without compromising affordability. 


Standard Options

Maximizes productivity

Eliminates interruptions in momentum at the case turner

Maximizes efficiency

Zero downtime caused by jams or skewed cases along carryway

Maximizes product versatility

Handles a wide range of package dimensions and characteristics


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