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Spiral Conveyor


Spiral Conveyor

Floor space in a production environment is something that there never seems to be enough of. Spiral incline and decline conveyors occupy a minimal amount of square footage due to their compact design. At Sentry, we partner with some of the best spiral conveyor manufacturers in the business in order to provide the best possible solution. Spiral conveyors can also be very flexible in the sense that the product can exit in any direction (regardless of the direction of flow) eliminating the need for additional overhead curves and associated motors.

Spiral technology has been used primarily for full case transportation over the years. However, today's equipment has evolved to the point where we can now elevate and decline loose bottles and cans in mass flow. This gives us the flexibility to open up even more floor space that would normally be required to make drastic elevation changes with traditional conveyor. Every application is carefully evaluated to ensure the speed, pitch, and angles are ideal for the handling of products. Many options and features are available such as dual track, multiple entry, and high capacity units


Compact Design - Small Footprint

Flexible - Regardless of Product Flow


Dual Track

Multiple Entry

High Capacity

Custom Engineered

Factory Acceptance Test

Start-Up Assistance

Sentry Conveyor


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