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Meet Sentry President - Tim Woodson

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

It's #TeamTuesday and we'd like you to meet our Sentry President, Tim Woodson!

Tim started at Sentry 37 years ago at the age of 18. At the time, the company was working out of a small apartment office in Forest, VA with only 7 employees. Tim worked alongside the crew installing equipment at different beverage facilities around the country, often putting in over 80 hours per week. On the road, he learned to weld, read layouts and install equipment on his own. When Sentry began to manufacture conveyor equipment, Tim moved to the welding shop in Sentry’s small facility at the time. There, his role in leadership began.

Throughout Tim’s career at Sentry, he has managed the welding, fabrication, finishing, assembly, and mechanical and electrical engineering departments. Prior to his role as president, he served as plant manager for 15 years. In each leadership role he was given, Tim focused on building morale and encouraging excellence in the department. He took each new position as an opportunity for both personal growth and the growth of his crew.

Anyone who has met Tim knows that he is all about PEOPLE. He strives to be empathetic and supportive of his team. When asked what he liked most about his role as president, Tim said that he’s thankful to have so many people with amazing talent and loves being in a position where he can take care of them and their families. He believes that the key to being a good leader is to serve and care for your employees.

To say that Tim worked hard to get to where he is today would be an understatement. If you ask him though, he credits his success to God and to the great leaders who invested in him along the way.




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