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A Combined Workforce

Sentry is pleased to announce that our Robotics group, Sen-Pack, has been consolidated and relocated to our manufacturing facility in Forest, Virginia. This move will provide better technology utilization, improved operational efficiency, and greater growth opportunity. Most importantly, we believe that functioning as a combined workforce will better serve the needs of our customers.

Both Sentry and Sen-pack have always operated with a commitment to quality. Customers can expect to see that same honest, American quality that we have always delivered. The Sen-pack team brings a unique skillset of creative and efficient solutions to the world of robotics. This consolidation allows us to merge that skillset with our own, providing Sentry customers with the highest standard of service and an extensive range of products.

Sentry is dedicated to making this integration of Sen-pack as seamless as possible and will continue to serve our customers without interruption. We look forward to an exciting future of innovation and growth.




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