To glorify God in all that we do. 

To make a positive impact on our employees, customers, and community. 

Our Values

As a team, we live by these core values:


Integrity We are true to our commitments, accountable for our mistakes, and transparent in our motives.

Inclusivity We celebrate diverse perspectives and strengths in people both inside and outside of our company. Each and every Sentry team member is respected, valued, and given equal opportunities.

Passion We take pride in our commitment to quality. We strive for continuous innovation, improvement, and growth in order to better serve our customers.

Excellence We are determined to achieve the best possible result at the conclusion of each project. We hold ourselves to a high standard of performance and longevity of the equipment we produce. Every new project is an opportunity to outperform the expectations of our customers.

Our Commitment

We will: 

  • Practice humility in everything we do

  • Cultivate partnerships that are founded in honesty and trust

  • Encourage the personal and professional development of our team members

  • Understand the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations

  • Work as a team and celebrate one another's successes

  • Circumvent the politics and take care of the customer

  • Value and embrace diversity in our team members

  • Support and share responsibility with one another

  • Continuously learn and seek creative innovation

  • Make thoughtful decisions and find original solutions

  • Keep the safety of our team and customers a top priority

  • Hold a high standard of fiscal and environmental responsibility

  • Make a positive difference in the community we serve

  • Be there in the eleventh hour with our sleeves rolled up

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