mat top



Mat Top Conveyor 

Mat Top-style conveyors are a great solution when mass transportation and inline accumulation is required. The smooth "flight-less" surface inherent to these types of chains provides for seamless transition from chain to chain when accelerating or decelerating unstable products at higher speeds.


In addition to transportation and accumulation, Mat Top conveyors are also commonly used to single-file containers at higher speeds as well as to  re-introduce the product back to mass for packaging. Smaller pitch Mat Top chains can be used in conjunction with a friction or dynamic nose-over to create close coupled transfers for smaller packages when transfer plates are simply not an option.


Standard Options

Maximizes productivity

Smooth "flightless" surface provides seamless transition from chain to chain when accelerating unstable products at higher speed

Maximizes efficiency

Perfect for lower speed mass transportation or accumulation for buffering  the line

Maximizes product versatility

Available with rugged large pitch chains or small pitch chains for close coupled inline transfers


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