Employment Opportunities


This position will drive the Risk Assessment process. Risk Assessment is essentially a strategy that will enable the company to design machinery and equipment that is safe and complies with all applicable standards. Generally these are type B and C standards produced by organizations such as ISO, ANSI, NFPA, and others that produce national consensus standards.

The strategy suggested by ISO 12100 is a six step approach:

  • Determine the intended use and possible misuse of the product
  • Identify and quantify hazards
  • Estimate risks associated with hazards and identify those risks that require protective measures
  • Eliminate or mitigate hazards using applicable standards as a guide
  • Document the work in a risk assessment manual produced for a machine
  • The process should be proactive

The strategy at Sentry is to work by committee of four employees:

  • One employee for machinery
  • One employee for electrical
  • One employee for training users of the equipment
  • Product Safety Engineer driving the process
  • Other employees sit on the committee as observers


Management selects the machine or equipment to perform risk assessments. This is driven by customer demand. The Supervisor will break the machine down into various parts; each part will be vetted separately. Hazards are identified and quantified. The committee looks at hazards to develop protective measures in accordance with applicable standards. All of these steps are documented in a technical manual by the Product Safety Engineer. This position will work with engineers to obtain diagrams and drawings as well.


  • Ability to lead the committee to achieve agreement
  • Ability to document meeting notes and reports
  • Ability to understand applicable standards
  • Bachelors Degree and related work experience in risk management, quality control, product safety, or statistics preferred; experience with machine guarding helpful.
  • Preferred CSP Certification (Certified Safety Professional)
  • Microsoft Office, Email, etc.
  • Time Management

This is a Full-Time position.