Isometric Air Conveyor 

The Sentry Isometric Air Conveyor is the answer to conventional transportation conveyor when speed and gentle handling of sensitive containers are required. Direct drive blowers pressurize the body (or plenum) of the conveyor and air is directed through to the carrying surface by a proprietary series of louvers. Typical products would include bright or decorated aluminum cans, cups, and all types of closures.

The air cushion is designed to provide both lift and propulsion of the product without the back pressure that is usually generated on chain driven surfaces. 

This Air Conveyor provides for reduced maintenance time, as well as lower overall cost of ownership over conventional chain-type conveyors. 


Standard Options

Reduced Maintenance Time

Lower overall cost of ownership over conventional chain-type conveyors

Plenums available in both painted mild steel and stainless steel

Neck Guided Air Conveyor 

The Sentry Single-Plenum Neck-Guided Air Conveyor System is designed to transport empty plastic bottles (normally considered to be unstable) in single file suspended by the neck ring on an oil impregnated wearstrip. High efficiency blowers pressurize the plenum and a custom sanitary louver design directs air flow toward the neck finish in the direction of travel to propel the product forward.

Vertically adjustable hand-wheel actuated transitions are used to change between bottle sizes when interfacing with base-registered conveyors.


Standard Options

Cost Effective

Designed for the new light-weighted bottles in today's industry

Easily Customized

Taking your ideas to maximize productivity

Maximizes profitability

Energy efficient motors


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