Basket Equipment

Sentry-built basket production equipment is designed to offer the brewing industry machinery that delivers both high output and long service life. We offer both basket carrier erectors and carrier inserters for any size production line. The Sentry RCE series of basket erectors are continuous motion designs, and as such are able to run at significantly higher speeds than equipment offered by our competition. 

Speeds of our equipment range from 60-200 baskets per minute. On higher output installations, Sentry RCE basket erectors can be equipped with automatic magazine loading, thereby significantly reducing operator costs from equipment ownership costs. Available options on all machines include quick change between 6-pack and 4-pack baskets. Standard equipment on all Sentry basket equipment includes Allen-Bradley/Rockwell controls platform.

Our machine footprints are flexible and allow for easy integration into any plant layout. Sentry can offer full integration of a system including equipment, conveyors, controls, and project commissioning from start to finish.


Standard Options


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